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Dr. Harold McKinney

Dr. Harold Van McKinney

Harold McKinney lives in the mountains of Western North Carolina where he is active as a trombonist and teacher. Dr McKinney has been a professor at Appalachian State University for over thirty years where he continues to teach courses in music improvisation, philosophy of music, and expressive arts.

He is a founding member of "King Street Brass" and the post modern hybrid improvisation ensemble, "Gypsy Harvest Annex." Dr McKinney has performed at the International Society for Improvised Music, the International Harvest Symposium for Expressive Arts, the International Spring Symposium for Expressive Arts, and the International Brass Chamber Music Festival.

His summer activities have included service as visiting artist for the European Graduate School; teaching for the Appalachian Expressive Arts Institute, the Windswept Music Conference, and Cannon Music Camp; as well as performing for Mountain Home Music's "Blue Grass and Brass Show." He is recorded with Swiss pianist Paolo Knill on the CD "Saas Fee in Appalachia" and with Kniil and percussionist Robert Falvo on Gypsy Harvest's "Syncopated Synapse." Gypsy's most recent work is with a larger ensemble that includes kotomo, native American flute, and harp. This CD titled "Earth and Water" is centered on the poetry of Margo Fuchs and Sally Atkins.

Certified Level II Creative Motion Instructor.

Harold McKinney first became involved with Creative Motion in 1991. A Charter Member of the Alliance, he has served on the Creative Motion Alliance Executive Board as Second Vice-President and has taught classes that explore instrumental applications for Creative Motion. He played a critical role in the development of a Creative Motion application strand in the area of Expressive Arts and was the first teacher of that class.

Dr. McKinney's work at Appalachian State University includes teaching trombone, low brass, philosophy of music, and a summer institute in expressive arts. Harold is a member of the Appalachian Expressive Arts Collective and frequently performs as a soloist, chamber ensemble member, and big band trombonist. He is a former member of the Tactical Air Command Band and the Taiwan Symphony Orchestra.

Harold is married to Dr. Cathy McKinney, also a gifted musician, teacher, and music therapist. They have two children, Christopher and Moriah and reside in Boone, North Carolina.

See his Appalachian State University webpage here.
Workshop Participants share a movement experience from
Expressive Arts Class during
Dr. McKinney's performance
at the Faculty Recital-2004
Dr. Harold McKinney leading the
Adult Applied
Creative Motion Class - Focus Instrumental Literature

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